How to Create and Post SharePoint User Training Video

In today’s era of 140 characters of less, the typical users are generally less patient with heavy reading.  Training video can be a very effective tool to help increase user adoption and get your end users better acclimated with using SharePoint.

In this post, I will show how to create a user training video, and make that available to your users in SharePoint:

  1. Know exactly what you’re recording
    Draft the user scenario and write down each step that you will be demonstrating in the video.  You don’t want to second guess yourself midway through recording. Be sure to write a script if you’re including audio.
  2. Select your recording tool
    • If you own a preferred multimedia software (i.e.: Adobe Captivate, Camtasia Studio, etc.), then definitely utilize them to record your video
    • However, there are excellent free screen recording software.  The two that I often use are SMRecorder and CamStudio
  3. Record your training video
    • For best results, you may not want to include your entire desktop.  Focus only on the area that your user needs to see.  For example: you may only show a Document Library and hide the site navigation.
    • Write down the size of the video that you are recording as you may need to refer to them later
    • This goes without saying, but after you’re done recording, be sure to watch your video for quality assurance
  4. Convert recording format to mwv, if need be
    • Many free recording software only produce file in avi format.  If you are using a free software, you would most likely have to convert to a file that SharePoint plays well with (see all acceptable video formats here)
    • Luckily, there are also many free file converters.  I typically use FormatFactory to convert to mwv
  5. Post your training video to SharePoint
    Please note that the steps listed below are only available in SharePoint 2010 Standard or Enterprise.  If you have SharePoint Foundation, you can either use Content Editor Web Part (read details here) or upload to YouTube, then stream the video in SharePoint (watch that tutorial here)
    1. Upload your video to the Asset Library
    2. Edit your page and add the Media Web Part
      1. Edit the SharePoint Page
      2. Inside of the Page Content, click “Insert” > “Video and Audio” icon in the SharePoint ribbon
        Video and Audio icon
      3. Click on the Media Web Part. Then select “Change Media” icon in the SharePoint ribbon
        Change Media icon
      4. Find your Asset Library on the left navigation pane.  Then double click on the training video that you uploaded
        Select Asset
    3. At this point, you should be able to play your video in the SharePoint page.   However, you may want to give more context as the user would only see a film reel image, a title of “Media Web Part”, and a play button.
      Video with no title screen
    4. Here are some additional Media Web Part update that you may want to consider:
      1. Replace the film reel with another image as a title screen
        Create an image for your title screen and upload that image onto the Asset Library.  (See a simple image that I have created as an example).  Click on the Media Web Part and select “Change Image” icon on the SharePoint ribbon. Then find your Asset Library on the left navigation pane, and double click on the image.
        Change Image icon
      2. Replace the video title
        Click on the Media Web Part, then select change the Title
        Change Title
      3. Adjust video size as necessary
        Make sure that the video is not small nor grainy.  You can adjust the video by clicking on the Media Web Part, then change the horizontal and vertical size.  You may need to refer to the size of your video (see step 3 above).
        Change Size


  6. Last but not least, remember to save your SharePoint page

Below is the screenshot of the video that I created and published in SharePoint using all the steps listed above. Hope you found this post useful. And don’t forget to get your free SPC11 shirt from Jeremy Thake!

Published SPC11 Free Shirt Video


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