SharePoint Online 2013 Upgrade As Easy As 1-2-3

Very pleased to have received my official upgrade to Wave 15 (aka 2013) for my SharePoint Online environment. Microsoft made the process very seamless. Granted I’m not running much customizations, e.g.: sandbox solutions, custom branding, etc. Nonetheless, after receiving the MSFT notification email, it took 3 clicks to complete. I wanted to share with those still awaiting their upgrades.

Here’s the sequence:

Click 1 – Start Now
Bright pink banner across the top that even the three blind mice could see

Click 2 – Upgrade

Click 3 – I’m ready
You can still hold off in case you changed your mind

Now you just sit and wait
My upgrade took all of 70 seconds. But while you’re at it, here’s a second chance to back out of the upgrade. I didn’t give it a try but it’s nice to have yet another opportunity to change your mind.

Then voila, au revoir 2010.

Looking forward to diving in. Hope your upgrade goes/went as smooth as mine did.


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