In an effort to unify my social media presence, I have decided to change my blog to You can also find me in Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare, – all with the bobbyschang tagline. It’s a personal branding move that, if not for anything else, would be easier for me to share my contact info for networking.

This also means that I bid farewell to the domain name. With industry trends leaning towards O365 and cloud technologies, dropping sp may also not be the worst of idea. Since bobbyspworld had been around for 4 years, I expected this change to impact SEO. I don’t write often so I, honestly, am not too concerned with site statistics or lower readership.

But when I found myself receiving personal inquiries (including text/SMS on my personal cell) about the expired domain, I was taken aback. Unlike blog hits status quo, this on the other hand, has me concerned. If there is a person or two who reference these posts on a semi-regular basis, then I should have done a better job providing a heads-up of the change.

If you have relied on this blog and found that your bookmark now leading to a dead link, I apologize. I hope this post is picked up by you and the search engines, noting that bobbyspworld is no more but all content is still accessible in

As always, thank you for reading. And here’s to better communication and more writing!


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