Flow Tip: Pick “Value” for Choice Field

They say that it’s the little thing in life that makes a big difference. In that spirit, I’m looking to share this little thing I picked up today in Microsoft Flow and SharePoint. It’s trivial and if you already know this, then great! If not, then even better because now you know and don’t have to lose time like I did, over such a little thing =)

The scenario is building a Flow that interacts with a Choice Field in SP

SharePoint choice field

When you build the Flow, you’ll see 2 listings to the same Choice field. If you want to reference the user’s selection on the Choice Field, you have to select the one with the suffix of “Value”.

Select choice field with Value in Flow

Otherwise, the Flow will not reference the value/selection of the Choice field.

And that’s the end of post =) Because I was working on a slightly more complex Flow, I lost more time in troubleshooting this small issue than I care to admit to. In leaving this small breadcrumb, hope the tip saves the trouble from the next person! Enjoy your 4th of July!


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